Synclavier Digital is proud to announce that Synclavier Go! is now a Universal App

From v1.30.20 Synclavier Go! can be run on iPhones too. All the great functionality of Go! on iPad is present when run on an iPhone or iPod Touch including soundfiles, iCloud support, and an AUv3 client.

Any differences are due to the smaller screen. The one panel-at-a-time approach used on Pocket! was followed when developing the screens for Go! on iPhone. The multi-timbral feature with 16 separate MIDI tracks is the only thing that wasn’t practical to implement on an iPhone screen, so isn’t accessible when running Go! on an iPhone.

If you have already purchased Go! for iPad you can now download this app on your iPhone at no extra charge. Workspaces can be created in iCloud, so custom timbres can be shared across all your devices.

If you only have an iPhone you can buy the Go! app now and if at a later date you acquire an iPad you can download Go! onto it then, again at no extra charge.

AUv3 Client on iPhone

However, with the introduction of an AUv3 client packaged into Go! the need for multitimbral mode is much depleted. Anyone who wants multiple tracks would just run multiple AUv3 clients and all the preset info is saved within the Host project. We’ve tested this with NanoStudio2, Cubasis3, and GarageBand and are very happy with the results, but there are many more DAW and AUv3 host apps that would work great with Go! on an iPhone.

So what happens to Pocket!?

The Pocket! app is now deprecated.

What this means is we will not be actively supporting this app. You will still be able to run Pocket!, but we won’t be making improvements or embarking on development work to keep up with Apple’s API changes (some are planned for December).

If you wish to buy Go! and have custom timbres in the Pocket! app you can use iTunes file-sharing to transfer them.

Pocket! was free and a taster for Go! but now we have managed to get Go! working on an iPhone and have dropped the price, this really takes the place of Pocket!

We hope that the pocket synth community will understand this decision and will be pleased that we continue to develop and improve Synclavier. We have limited software development hours and have to invest them in our core products. And since Go! now runs on iPhone and iPad it makes sense to maintain this code base, provide support, add enhancements, and do extensive testing once to cover both devices.

Thanks for your continued support.


How to get Go! on your iPhone

If you already bought Go! on your iPad you will be able to download it to your iPhone for free. Depending on your settings, this may happen automatically. If not, you’ll have to download it manually. On your iPhone, open the App Store app and then click on the little round Account icon in the top-right corner. There should be an item there called Purchased or My Purchases, click on that and you will see a list of purchases. It’s in reverse date order so scroll down until you find Synclavier Go! You should see a little cloud icon next to it. If you press this, it should download it for you.

In some cases, Synclavier Go! does not appear on the list. In which case, you’ll have to find it via the App Store search and then download it. In the App Store listing, it may well show you the full price, but rest assured if you press to purchase, you will not be charged. This is a strange glitch on Apple’s App Store, maybe to do with what version of Go! you have on your iPad. Regardless, when you initiate the transaction, it figures out you previously bought it and doesn’t charge you. Below are some screenshots that show what happens in this case.


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