The power of Synclavier, on the go!

The latest incarnation, of Synclavier runs on your iPad, so you can take your sound design studio anywhere. The creative possibilities are endless now you have the awesome power of a Synclavier in a handheld device.

Additive FM Synthesis was never more fun. The intuitive touch-screen interface is a joy to use. It’s a snip to transform simple sine waves into grungy brass attacks, swishy FM chimes, or charismatic string sounds.

Synclavier Go! comes packed with preset timbres — over 1000 of them. Every conceivable parameter is tweakable. Go! supports twelve partials, so you can layer luscious sounds; and unlimited frames, so sounds can evolve over time. Create something you like the sound of? Simply save it to one of your custom libraries.

Synclavier supports keyboard modes such as portamento, arpeggiate, mono/poly triggering, and many more, all savable to individual timbres. Add texture to your sounds with Chorus, Tremolo, Vibrato, Panning. You also have full control of over 24 harmonics when you want to go deep, as well as the ability to quickly change waveshapes from Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, or Impulse.

  • Over 900 Authentic Original Synclavier sounds
  • Another 100 Featured Artists preset sounds
  • Custom Multi-track Mixes
  • Harmonic Additive Synthesis Engine
  • MIDI, Audiobus, Ableton Link supported
  • Superior Touch UI
  • Multi-layer Effects
  • Free updates (MPE is on the way!)
  • In-app Purchases available for advanced features
  • Runs on all models of iPad with iOS9 or later: iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, etc.
  • Up to 12 Partial Timbres
  • Theoretically unlimited voices (depending on iPad processor speed)
  • InterApp and InterDevice audio support
  • MIDI in: for keyboard, pitch bend wheel, and other interfaces
  • 16 MIDI Tracks for outboard sequencing (multi-timbral)
  • AudioBus and Ableton Link Support
  • Audio out: Up to 24-bit stereo at 44.1Khz or 48kHz (tracks mixed), through headphone jack / lightning or USB
  • Built-in 3 Octave touch keyboard
  • Repeat, Arpeggiate, Portamento (Legato) functions can be set per timbre
  • Supports Polyphonic and Monophonic modes with  Retriggering settings 
How do I connect xyz to Synclavier Go!?
Please refer to our connection guide.
Can I get Synclavier Go! in a language besides English?
We are currently working on translations, so we can release Go! in several mainstream languages. The manual on our support page can be converted with the language widget at the bottom of the page.
Does Synclavier Go! support iCloud storage?
We are currently working on our next release, that will integrate with iCloud, so that the user’s custom libraries can be synced across devices and backed-up to the cloud. There may also be an option to share timbres with other users. In the meantime, you can backup and share your timbres through iTunes File Sharing.
Will you be adding sampling to Go!?
Possibly, in the future, we will add poly-sampling functionality as an in-app purchase.
Will there be an android version?
We have no plans to develop an android version.
Will you support AUv3?
Yes. An AUv3 player is coming to Go! very soon. It will also be available separately as a standalone app for iPad.
The Timbre screen looks overwhelming with so many buttons. Is it hard to learn?
We have spent a lot of time on creating in-app documentation. You can switch to this tour at any time and learn to master one panel at a time. Once you’ve summited the Synclavier learning curve, using the buttons and knob of the user interface becomes second nature, and sound design is rapid and satisfying.
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