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Synclavier Digital is proud to present Synclavier Pocket! for iPhone and iPod Touch. The original hardware has been ported to a powerful DSP software engine, enhanced and refined for iOS. The sounds you can get from this app will blow you away.

Synclavier Pocket! is as educational as it is fun. After working on Synclavier Go! and writing the documentation, we realized there was a real opportunity for a fun and educative experience. So, we decided to provide a basic “pocket” version for free. The base download is fairly functional: you can browse and select timbres, play with some of their settings to change the sound, and connect to other equipment, such as a MIDI keyboard or DAW.

The tour pages will take you through the basics of sound engineering and FM synthesis, as well as covering some advanced optional features, and if you want to, you can purchase some of the advanced features for a nominal fee. These in-app purchases help fund the development of the app.

The possibilities for sound design and song creation are at an all time high, and we’re excited to hear what a new generation of owners will do with this new authentic instrument. As a fully-functional free download, it’s our hope that we can help to start some young wanna-be audio enthusiasts on a path to a career in sound design. Or the beginning of a worthwhile hobby.

  • 3 Free “Disks” of Authentic Synclavier Sounds
  • Harmonic Additive Synthesis Engine
  • MIDI, Audiobus, Ableton Link supported
  • Superior Touch UI
  • Multi-layer Effects
  • Free updates
  • In-app Purchases available for advanced features
  • Runs on all models of iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS9 or later
  • Up to 4 Partial Timbres
  • Theoretically unlimited voices (depending on iPad processor speed)
  • Mono-timbral MIDI in: for keyboard, pitch bend wheel, and other interfaces
  • AudioBus and Ableton Link Support
  • Audio out: Up to 24-bit stereo at 44.1Khz or 48kHz (tracks mixed), through headphone jack / lightning or USB
  • Built-in 2 Octave touch keyboard

How do I connect xyz to Synclavier Pocket!?
Please refer to our connection guide.
Can I get Synclavier Pocket! in a language besides English?
We are currently working on translations, so we can release Pocket! in several mainstream languages. The manual on our support page can be converted with the language widget at the bottom of the page.
Does Pocket! support iCloud storage?
We are currently working on our next release, that will integrate with iCloud, so that the user’s custom libraries can be synced across devices and backed-up to the cloud. There may also be an option to share timbres with other users. In the meantime, you can backup and share your timbres through iTunes File Sharing.
Will you be adding sampling to Pocket!?
We are considering adding a poly-sampling feature to Synclavier Go! for iPad as an in-app purchase. If there is sufficient interest, we may add some of the features appropriate to the iPhone version to Pocket!
Will there be an android version?
We have no plans to develop an android version.
There seems to be a lot to this app. Is it hard to learn?
Once we’d written the in-app documentation, we decided to release Pocket! for free, because we were so delighted with the educative aspect to this app. We believe it’s something that a five-year-old can use and get value from, playing with the included timbres, and doodling on the built-in keyboard. When they’re ready to learn more about Synclavier, the in-app tour is divided into a page per panel. Our hope is that Synclavier Pocket! will help to educate the sound designers of the future on FM Additive synthesis.

Support Page

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