Synclavier Pocket! is now Deprecated

Pocket! was our legacy product for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but when we made Go! a universal app in March 2020, it made little sense to maintain two products. We now recommend iPhone users purchase Synclavier Go! for the best possible experience.

Synclavier pocket! contained the educational tour pages and a four partial DSP engine based on the original Synclavier II code. It contained many of the original factory timbres. It has not been updated with AUv3 client, Soundfiles, iCloud or Artist timbres. 

  • Obsolete App.
  • 15 “Disks” of Authentic Synclavier Sounds
  • Harmonic Additive Synthesis Engine
  • MIDI, Audiobus, Ableton Link supported
  • Superior Touch UI
  • Multi-layer Effects
  • Runs on all models of iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS9 or later
  • Up to 4 Partial Timbres
  • Theoretically unlimited voices (depending on iPad processor speed)
  • Mono-timbral MIDI in: for keyboard, pitch bend wheel, and other interfaces
  • AudioBus and Ableton Link Support
  • Audio out: Up to 24-bit stereo at 44.1Khz or 48kHz (tracks mixed), through headphone jack / lightning or USB
  • Built-in 2 Octave touch keyboard
How do I connect xyz to Synclavier Pocket!?
Please refer to our connection guide.
Can I get Synclavier Pocket! in a language besides English?
The manual on our support page can be converted with the language widget at the bottom of the page.
Does Pocket! support iCloud storage?
No, you will have to upgrade to Synclavier Go! that now runs on iPad and iPhone for iCloud. Pocket! only supports iTunes File Sharing.
Will you be adding sampling to Pocket!?
Again, soundfile functionality can be found in our Go! product.
Will there be an android version?
We have no plans to develop an android version.
There seems to be a lot to this app. Is it hard to learn?
The in-app tour is divided into a page per panel. Our hope is that Synclavier Pocket! will help to educate the sound designers of the future on FM Additive synthesis.

Support Page

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