Synclavier Digital is pleased to announce version 1.21 of Synclavier Go! is fully compatible with MPE input devices. This version, now available on the App Store, and included as a free upgrade for existing Go! users provides owners of MPE enabled control services more expression in their playing.

Settings such as Press, Slide, and Strike, are easily mappable from the Timbre and Keyboard Effects panel and will be stored with the timbre when you save it. Other settings on the MIDI Settings sub-tab allow easy selection of MPE mode per MIDI interface and routing (which input drives which track). Click on the MIDI Controllers and MPE button and you’ll see we added a new pop-up where you can choose to route cc messages from, for instance, XY-pads and sliders, from input devices (MPE or non-MPE).


We’ve also added hashtags to timbre descriptions. From the Library’s Search sub-tab you can now search by tag as well as keywords. Any timbre can be easily made to respond to MPE input, but we have cherry-picked some ones that already do this, so be sure to check out the MPE hashtag if you are a Seaboard owner. Or LinnStrument, Continuum, Joué, and so on.


To see the MPE capability in action, check out the superb playing of Leith-Fleming Smith in the demonstration video at the top of this post.

We went to visit keyboardist Leith-Fleming Smith and took a Roli Seaboard RISE 49 with us. This is Leith’s first time using a Seaboard and his first time using the Synclavier Go! iPad app and it’s fair to say he fell in love with the combination.

The MPE update to Synclavier Go! has hit the streets. Now you can get even more expression from Go! by using a Seaboard or other MPE control surfaces, such as the Continuum, LinnStrument, and many others.

Any timbre can be set-up with 4 dimensions of touch, Slide, Glide, Strike, and Press, from the Timbre and Keyboard Effects panel in Go! And the faders & X-Y pads can also be mapped to synth parameters easily from the MIDI settings tab. Plus we hand-crafted a bank of new MPE preset sounds and tagged a bunch more that work well with polyphonic expression to get you started.


Synclavier Go! on App Store
Roli Seaboard RISE 49
Thanks to Leith Fleming-Smith

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