InterChangeX is now available as a Mac OS X native application! This 2012 version fully supports 8 GB image files and can access Synclavier® SCSI disk drives via RATOC System's FR1SX FireWire-to-SCSI Converter. It also includes a new command line utility called AbleDiskTool that will convert Synclavier® sound files into Macintosh-native AIFF format. The 2.5.4 release fixed a bug that showed up copying sound files from Optical to Winchester. The 2.5.5 release fixed some problems with renaming files that showed up on Intel Macs. It also adds the ability to create a tab-delimited log file containing information about sound files that were imported to your Macintosh when using AbleDiskTool. The 2.5.6 release was updated to be compatible with SynclavierX 5.2.3. The 2.5.7 released resolved a situation that could hang your mac for several minutes when creating very large image files. The 2.5.9 release includes support for both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels.

InterChangeX is fully integrated with SynclavierX and allows the user to call up sequences, timbres and sound files directly from InterChangeX. Most importantly, InterChangeX provides seamless migration from aging SCSI hard drives to modern Macintosh-hosted disk image files. InterChangeX is also bundled in with SynclavierX, so purchasers of SynclavierX will not need to download or purchase a separate license for InterChangeX. Note: InterChangeX 2.5.9 is not compatible with earlier versions of SynclavierX; be sure to download and install the latest SynclavierX application and PCI-1 driver before using InterChangeX 2.5.9.

Note that the 2012 release is only compatible with Intel-based Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.6.8 ("Snow Leopard"), Mac OS X 10.7 ("Lion") or Mac OS X 10.8 ("Mountain Lion").
InterChangeX operates natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 ("Tiger") or later.

What is InterChangeX? The Synclavier® Digital Audio System used SCSI "winchester" disk drives to store system files as well as creative content such as sequences, timbre files and sound files. SCSI is an obsolete bus technology and is no longer directly supported on most modern computers. InterChangeX provides a straightforward mechanism for creating Mac-hosted Synclavier® disk image files and then quickly copying Synclavier® content files between SCSI hard drives and disk image files.

InterChangeX also acts as the configuration tool for SynclavierX. You can use InterChangeX to specify image files for the W0: and W1: drives emulated by SynclavierX (also for the OP0: and OP1: optical disk image files).

InterChangeX itself does not support importing or exporting Synclavier® sound files to Macintosh-native formats such as AIFF or WAV files. A new command line utility called AbleDiskTool is included with this latest version of InterChangeX. AbleDiskTool is able to import Synclavier® sound files from a legacy hard drive or disk image file into your Macintosh where they can be stored as AIFF or WAVE sound files. AbleDiskTool can also export a Macintosh-resident sound file library (AIFF, WAVE, Sound-Designer 2 files) to a Synclavier® disk image file or legacy hard drive.

The user documentation for InterChangeX has not yet been updated to reflect its OS X implementation. The InterChange 2.5 Documentation for OS 9 effectively describes its operation in OS X so is included here for completeness. The AbleDiskTool Documentation provides a brief introduction to AbleDiskTool and describes how to use AbleDiskTool from the command line. The AbleDiskTool documentation was recently updated to include some examples of exporting sound files from you Macintosh to a Synclavier® disk image file or legacy hard drive.

The log file created by the latest version of AbleDiskTool contains information about every sound file that is imported to your Macintosh. The information includes the user comments (e.g. "caption") originally entered when the sound file was created. The log file also includes the optical "categories" under which the sound file was indexed on the Synclavier®. The log-file is tab-delimited to facilitate importing its contents into a data base program.

Screen Shots - InterChangeX
A free trial version of InterChangeX is available for download via our InterChangeX download link (3.3 MB). This fully functioning version includes AbleDiskTool and lets you try out InterChangeX for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes InterChangeX stops responding unless a valid license code is entered (note: AbleDiskTool is not available until the license code is purchased). An activation license code can be purchased directly within InterChangeX for instant activation, or it can be purchased via e-mail from our Kagi On-Line Store. The cost of this license is US $ 50.00.

System Requirements: Versions of InterChangeX are available for any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.4.11 ("Tiger") or later (not including Mac OS X 10.8 "Lion"). A Synclavier® PCI-1 hardware interface (no longer in production and not compatible with G5 and Intel-based Macintoshes) is required for full functionality. InterChangeX operates natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macintoshes and is distributed as a "Universal" application.

When used with a RATOC Systems FR1SX FireWire-to-SCSI Converter this version of InterChangeX includes all the capabilities of the OS 9 version. Additionally, this version fully supports 8 GB hard disks and disk image files.

The 2.5.7 release of InterChangeX has been tested with both PowerPC- and Intel-based Macintosh computers. However, due to the lack of working hardware, InterChangeX has not been tested with real 12" WORM or magneto-optical drives. In particular, InterChangeX will most likely not work with 12" WORM or magneto-optical drives on an Intel-based Macintosh until further testing can be completed.

Note: InterChangeX 2.5.9 is not compatible with earlier versions of SynclavierX; be sure to download and install the latest SynclavierX application and PCI-1 driver before using InterChangeX 2.5.9.

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