Synclavier Regen is the newest in an auspicious line of Digital FM synthesizers. Designed for desktop use, it contains the power of the Synclavier II DSP engine, enhanced and optimized. Full colour screen, liquid-like touch controls, high fidelity audio output coupled with a sound design powerhouse makes this the synth you always dreamed of.

Regen supports additive synthesis for full control of 24 harmonics. We’ve now added subtractive synthesis to the Synclavier synthesis engine, especially for Regen, allowing creation of super saws, PCM square waves, and noise generation. Or you can use samples for your carrier waveform.

And these different waveform generators can be mixed. You have up to 12 partials to use in your sound design creation with crossfades assignable to inputs such as velocity, pressure, mod wheel, and of course, keyboard.

Regen is loaded with content to get you inspired fast. There are over 550 timbre presets across 10 newly-commissioned timbre libraries. On top of that, there are over 2000 royalty-free samples built-in, including over 350 selected original samples from the NED era and 2 exclusive artist sample libraries.

When you’re done exploring the factory content, you’ll have fun with the sound design possibilities. You can layer up to 12 partials with different sound generators (additive, subtractive, samples) then apply dynamic effects per partial. It’s truly an expressive instrument, both to program and to play. Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE is fully-supported and there’s a sophisticated modulators section where you can apply responsive curves to properties driven by pressure, velocity, mod wheel position, and so on.

WOW, what else can I say, this synth is amazing. It has such an amazing vibe, the sounds are incredible. It has a kind of vintage quality that is very pleasing to the ears. It’s hard to explain, but I have fallen instantly in love with the Regen. Blown away! By far the coolest synth to come out this year!

— Richard Devine, Electronic Music Artist & Sound Designer Extraordinaire

Regen is absolutely brilliant. It really feels like a premium instrument and the sounds are unlike anything else, both retro but also very modern. It fits very well into a mix, I’m finding.

— Gem Godfrey, Ivor Novello award winning songwriter

Frost, Atomic Kitten, Holly Vallance, Shayne Ward, Morcheba, and many others.

To say I’m thrilled and absolutely love the Synclavier Regen would be an understatement, only the beginning of how excited I am to have this instrument in my studio arsenal.

— David Frangioni, multi-award winning producer, immersive audio engineer & music technology pioneer

Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Ringo Starr, Bee Gees, Kiss, Bryan Adams, hundreds more.

Incredible work – this is the dream. An actual full blown Synclavier in a table top box. It’s absolutely beautiful. The sound quality is superb, the fidelity is ultra high and clean – pristine sounding. This is a forever studio piece – I can’t believe how epic it is.

— BT, grammy nominated electronic musician, film composer, software developer and technologist

This Binary Universe, Stutter Edit audio plugin, Monster soundtrack, collaborations with Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Madonna, Depeche Mode, to list a few.
  • >550 Regen timbre presets
  • >2000 samples of royalty-free factory content
  • Additive waveforms with 24 harmonics
  • Subtractive waveform generator with multi-mode filter to alter character. Generates supersaw, supersquare and white noise.
  • Multi-sample patchlists supporting dimensions for keyboard range and velocity and support for soundfonts.
  • Resynthesis and hybrid voices
  • 12 partials to build your sounds.
  • 12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or stacking (layering) of sounds.
  • 4 USB ports for keyboards and other peripherals plus one USB port for connection to DAW. And 5-pin MIDI standard (TRS).
  • 2 full-colour high resolution screens
  • Sensitive liquid-like touch swiper and 12 selector pads.
  • Multiple effects per track, including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit crush, and multi-mode filter.
  • High fidelity DC-coupled audio out (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range.
  • Custom tuning, supporting scala format tuning files.
Patent Pending
Does Regen support the 5-pin MIDI protocol?
Yes it does, we have appointed TRS sockets for MIDI IN and MIDI THRU will include 2 TRS to 5-PIN tails in each box.
Does Regen support multiple-output audio digitally?
Regen supports multi-out over USB. If you have a compatible Audio Interface or DAC you will be able to assign Regen tracks to audio channels on the Session page for multi-out audio from your interface. Many USB Audio interfaces are compatible; to find out if your is, you can check a list we’re maintaining here.
Is there any documentation available?
The best place to start is the Regen Quickstart page  here.
How about bluetooth MIDI?
Bluetooth is supported for some keyboards, but you need a USB Bluetooth dongle that works with Regen. We had best results with the Plugable BT4LE USB Adapter which is a linux-compatible dongle.
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