Synclavier® Touch

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Synclavier® Touch

Full Remote Control of

The STACO buttons have met their match!

Synclavier Touch iPad Mini Frame
Synclavier Touch iPad Pro Frame
Synclavier Touch iPad Pro 12.9 Frame
Synclavier Touch iPad Pro 12.9
Synclavier Touch Recorder Panel
Synclavier Touch Timbre Panel
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Synclavier Touch iPad Frame
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Synclavier® Touch for iPad

This new app from Synclavier Digital is now available in the Apple App Store.

Synclavier® Touch is a new iPad app that faithfully recreates the original Synclavier® Velocity-Pressure Keyboard button interface using modern touch-screen technology.

Synclavier® Touch communicates with your Synclavier³ installation using custom MIDI messages. The integration with the Synclavier® hardware is complete - touching a button on the iPad lights the button on the VK for example.

Shown with optional Synclavier iPad frame. Free to download and try; $79.00 USD in-app purchase required for complete functionality.

Synclavier® Touch

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Synclavier iPad Stand

Now available in the Synclavier Digital On-line Store, these elegant and functional iPad workstations are custom made for Synclavier Digital by Heckler Design in the USA.

Use them to set up a second VK workstation near your MIDI keyboard, or even downstairs on your Steinway Model D.

Synclavier iPad Stands

Evolution of the Synclavier® Data Wheel

The unique Synclavier® Data Wheel was as functional as it was revolutionary when it was introduced in 1979. The Synclavier® Data Wheel is a rate-of-change controller, not just a simple dial. Close your eyes and let your ears design the sound.

Synclavier® Touch reinvents this mechanical marvel in an all new paradigm. The only thing missing - for us hardware diehards - is the gentle crinkle of the springs underneath the knob assembly. Look for that in release 2.0!

Synclavier® Touch Data Wheel

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